Presentations slides

Below find a partial collection of presentation slides.

Keynote: “Towards a Non-workflow Theory of Business Processes“. Ilia Bider

Idea paper: “Adaptive Case Management from the Activity Modality Perspective“. Lars TaxĂ©n (Sweden)

Idea paper: “Towards a System Support of Collaborative Knowledge Work“. Nicolas Mundbrod, Jens Kolb and Manfred Reichert. (Germany)

Idea paper: “Towards Automated Support for Case Management Processes with Declarative Configurable Specifications“. Irina Rychkova (France)

Idea paper: “Analysis and Documentation of knowledge-intensive Processes“. Gregor Scheithauer and Sven Hellmann (Germany)

Experience report: “On two approaches to ACM“. Helle Frisak Sem, Steinar Carlsen and Gunnar John Coll (Norway)

Experience report: “Mobile Task Management for Medical Ward Rounds – The MEDo Approach” Ruediger Pryss, Manfred Reichert, David Langer and Alena Hallerbach (Germany)

Short paper: “Data-centric BPM and the Emerging Case Management Standard: A Short Survey“. Mike Marin, Richard Hull and Roman Vaculin

Short paper: “BPMN is incompatible with ACM“. Keith Swenson (US)

Short paper: “Do workflow-based systems satisfy the demands of the agile enterprise of the future?“. Ilia Bider, Paul Johannesson and Erik Perjons. (Sweden)